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KINO FLO FreeStyle LED Tubes

The FreeStyle LED Tubes display the same award winning True Match® white light and color management system as other Kino Flo lights, such as the FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 LED portable systems, the video field production Diva-Lite LED’s, and the premium Celeb 850, 450, 450Q and 250 studio softlights.


KINO FLO FreeStyle LED Tubes

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Kino Flo Lighting Systems will debut the motion picture and television production industry’s first True Match® LED tubes for operation in 4Bank, Double and Single fixtures, and for designing into sets. 

All Kino Flo products at this year’s show boast a full range of >95 white light from 2500K to 9900K correlated color temperature, full Green/Magenta correction, Cinema Gel Color presets, Hue/Saturation selection, dial-in RGB colors, and an expanded palette to include a unique Visual Effects mode. Kino Flo’s solid-state LED Controllers give lighting professionals the freedom to operate lights remotely via built-in wireless DMX consoles, up to 200 yards (185m) away, as well as through standard DMX connections.

New Kino Flo LED Tubes

The new 310° FreeStyle tubes deliver the same lumen punch as Kino Flo’s legacy fluorescent lamps, but with all the color management and visual effects features of Kino Flo LED lights. Paired with a 4Bank fixture’s light intensifying reflector, the FreeStyle Tube projects soft light forward at a 100° beam angle at about the same light levels you’d get from a 1,000W tungsten softlight. Kino Flo showed off prototypes of the four-foot FreeStyle Tubes, which display white soft light with Green/Magenta controls, RBG & Hue/Saturation modes, Cinema Gel Presets, and a suite of Special Effects presets.

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