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CHIMERA’S new Lanterns for the ARRI SKYPANEL S30 and S60

Posted on Apr 12, 2018 by MQ News Team


The SkyPanel Lanterns feature beautiful omnidirectional lighting for the popular Arri Skypanels. Chimera Lanterns are recognized for their ease of use and this lantern is no different. These lanterns provide easy control when placing light fixtures overhead. The included skirt easily attaches to enable control over the bean and spill. The skirt can be rolled up or down using the zippers and Velcro on all four sides to vary the beam spread from an omnidirectional source.

The Chimera Lanterns for the Arri Skypanels are available exclusively through Arri and their authorized dealers.

About Chimera Lighting

Since 1980 Chimera Lighting has represented innovative, intelligent, and durable design for lighting fixtures and accessories. With products to support lights from small hot-shoe flashes to the brightest Tungsten 24kW, Chimera continues to proudly base is operations and manufacturing in the United States. Built to professional standards, Chimera products continue to be the standard-setting lightbanks and accessories for image makers worldwide.

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