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oftware Update Package LF SUP 4.0 for ALEXA LF cameras. This update provides significant new features, compatibility with ARRI LBUS accessories and important bug fixes: 

For a limited time only, we are giving away a FREE Fxlion X-M2S mini 2-channel charger (2A output per channel) for every purchase of two batteries. 

Manfrotto’s Befree advanced Carbon Twist travel tripod and ball head kit is the ideal solution for advanced hobbyist photographers looking for a super-lightweight support that ensures maximum performance on the go. 
The carbon fibre legs are developed to keep weight down to a minimum while ensuring best-in-class stability and rigidity

The Ninja V and all Atomos monitor/recorders perfectly resolve the Canon Log output from the EOS R and convert it into 10.5 stop HDR on-screen in real time.

The integrated lithium-ion battery has a runtime of 1hour and 20 minutes at full power and can be charged quickly via the included Micro USB-to-USB cable. This USB cable allows you to power and/or charge the A-LITE from any USB charger, laptop, camera or battery with a USB port. 

To give maximum flexibility to the operator, the Panther S-Type is equipped with 4 different steering modes: 
The wheels of the S-Type are arranged square. This has the advantage that the dolly can be moved both lengthwise and crosswise to the track – without using other wheels or accessories.


The BMPCC4K accessory package features our Unified BMPCC4K Camera Cage, a form-fitting camera cage for secure camera accessory attachment and our Unified DSLR 15mm Baseplate, a quick release baseplate that holds two 15mm Rod (12") at the correct lens height.