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System Integration Sevices in Action


Systems integration for television, broadcast, and theater requires attention to detail and a vast range of skills and experience. With a highly capable technical team and a strongly established partnership and support from more than 40 global manufacturers, the company ensures efficient and reliable Systems Integration services: including, but not limited to, 1) Outside broadcast and satellite uplink vehicles, OB/ENG Trucks, 2) Play-out transmission systems, 3) Post-production systems, 4) TV studios, and 5) Theaters.

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At MQ Group, we are with you from the beginning, during, at the conclusion - and beyond the project completion; and we take each step with efficiency and quality in mind.

  • PROJECT KICKOFF Project Manager(s) are selected and assigned to represent as the main source of contact for a smooth client coordination and communication. Scheduled meetings with client and stakeholders will be held to confirm deliverables, process, and timelines of the project.
  • STAGING PHASE Submission of Project schedule proposal for approval. Installation schedules, probable factors for delays with corresponding contingency plans, and estimated equipment shipping and labor times are laid out for discussion and approval to maximize coordination and productivity.
  • INSTALLATION PHASE Equipment are pre-configured (when needed) directly in our respective manufacturer factories and re-tested by technical team prior to installation. Primary rack installations and cabling completions are checked and assured prior to engaging on-site integration.
  • COMMISSIONING PHASE Foreign authorized representatives by MQ’s respective manufacturers visits the project site with our selected team of engineers and technicians to perform a comprehensive systems diagnostics. A client commissioning of the project thereafter.
  • CLOSING PHASE A final walkthrough on the project and finalization of documents.