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MQLightings now officially the exclusive distributor of ANGENIEUX in the Philippines-  The Industry's Cine Lenses Reference.

Posted on July 13, 2018 by MQ News Team


The Art of Optics
Angenieux, a Thalesgroup brand, is the famous brand for cinema zoom lenses. Aworld renowned manufacturer of precision optics, offering highest quality zoom lenses for motion picture and broadcast productions. Also a worldwide leader for S35 and large sensor camera zoom lenses. The capacity of innovation of the company makes Thales Angénieux a major player in the cinema industry.Awarded by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Society of Camera Operators and the British Society of Cinematographers.

Angenieux provides a unique range of zoom lenses perfectly suited for productions ranging from top quality to mid-range. Purposely built for cinematic production, our lenses achieve excellence in design, mechanical and optical perfection.

All cine lenses offer a fast T-stop throughout the entire zoom range, large focus scale rotation angle that enables precise manual focusing, and retain superb image quality even under extreme environmental conditions. The pristine optical performance and seamless blend between contrast and resolution create a distinct cinematic look unique to Angenieux lenses.

Our lenses have been used by the skilled hands of world’s top Cinematographers to capture anything from blockbuster features, high ranking TV series, to independent content, either shot in spherical or anamorphic.

MQlightings was established in 1987, MQ Group (or popularly known as MQ Lightings) is a distribution company currently representing more than 40 Global Brands for the Philippine market; supplying customers world class cutting-edge, professional Motion Picture, Photography, Broadcast, Studio, Stage, & Theater equipment nationwide. Among MQ's extensive product portfolio, the Company takes great pride to represent as the  Exclusive Nationwide Distributor for a number of notable World Class Manufacturers.

The partnership between MQ and Angenieux enables the clients to easily purchase the products locally. 

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