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New ALADDIN 12x12 ft Fabric-lite LED System - Showcase First In Asia

Posted on August 1, 2018 by MQ News Team 










Last July 2018-  MQLIGHTINGS OPEN HOUSE , held a magnificent showcase of the New Aladdin 12x12 ft Fabric-lite LED System,  first in Asia, the largest professional Bi-color LED light source in the industry for film, photography, and studio lighting applications .The system is made out of 16 units of high CRI 96+ Aladdin Fabric-lite (3x3ft) that are easily attachable on overhead/butterfly frames, in tight locations, ceilings, or another Fabric-lite thanks to its ergonomic velcro and grommet built-ins. With its ultra-thin, foldable, and rainproof design, the Fabric-lite panel comes with a sleeve case the size of a long folder that you can conveniently store and bring around in your hand carry bags. Ultra-portable, high-power on a large aperture, LED system. @aladdinlights Fabric-lite.

The innovative foldable design, creates endless mounting options for the Aladdin FABRIC-LITE

Mounting options for the FABRIC-LITE are virtually limitless, including all types of butterfly, overhead, wall and ceiling mounts, thanks to the integrated Velcro and grommets. The 3‘x3‘ pan can be easily mounted on a Matthews frame or similar. Each 3x3-foot fabric panel can be used separately, or combined with others to create panels as large as 12x12 feet.The fixture offers high control over lighting. It is dimmable from1-100% and the color temperature can be adjusted from 2900°K to 6300°K. The Dimmer runs from main power supply or battery, and has a built-in lumen radio module for DMX control.

Tutorial for Fabric-lite LED System:


Light Source Super high CRI Power LED's 200W
Color Temperature 2900°K - 6200°K
Beam Angle 140°
Cooling passive cooling
Material Fabric
Square sheet dimension 900mm x 900mm
Square sheet LED array 24 x 30


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