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Jodi used the Panel frame to help in matching the power and perfect lighting of the sun.

Posted on May 2, 2018 by MQ News Team

Jodi Jones is an award-winning photographer, producer and creative director. She often has to work with tough deadlines and demanding clients that expect full collections to be shot in one day.  Often she handles both still and video shoots together. Getting the perfect light for every shot throughout the day is crucial.  “It’s a real challenge to work under pressure on very limited set up time and to shoot such a variety of looks in one day” states Jodi.  “I have clients where I shoot 120 different clothing looks in just one day!  This requires not only super speed, but a great team, and having a simple solution to create stunning lighting is paramount!” As with her latest Valentino shoot, this is further complicated when taking pictures outdoors from morning to night and dealing with the overpowering sun while keeping a consistent feel throughout.

Jodi jumped at the chance to escape another cold New York City January and hop on a plane with her crew to LA to take pictures for Valentino’s latest handbag collection in the gorgeous Hollywood Hills. As a creative director and photographer, Jodi handles not only the on-camera shoot, but shapes and molds every part of the production from concept to casting to final retouched prints and working with print labs.

The client showed Jodi over 100 bags that needed to be shot for the shoot. The photo shoot was to be shot outdoors in several locations and we all know how gruesome this can be. The weather forecast for her shoot day was bright sun with no clouds in sight. “I knew under these conditions that my best tool would be using Chimera Panel Frames. This is arguably the best tool when it comes to taking pictures outdoors in the shortest time possible.  It allows me to be very creative with my lighting and gives me fast option to create beautiful rim light as well as the right amount of light on the product to give it a punch,” states Jodi. You do not have to waste a lot of time positioning your lights, trying to overpower the sun, especially with video. Changing the panel frame from diffusion to reflection is easy and takes a few seconds. There is no velcro and all you have to do is to pull the fabric over the four corners and you are good to go.

During the shoot, Jodi used the Panel frame to help in matching the power and perfect lighting of the sun. The good thing about our Panel frame is that it is lightweight and very easy to set up with no need for any heavy stands to support it. Changing the tone of the lighting is made possible by simply making quick Panel Frame setup changes. The Panel Frame helped provide an easy switch from diffusor overhead to a reflector underneath depending on the situation.

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