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MQLightings & KOTO Partnership brings new quality lamp products in the philippines

Posted on July 13, 2018 by MQ News Team 

KOTO have been a manufacturer and distributor of various lamps and hermetic seals since the inception in 1947. 

For lighting solutions, they supply not only lamps but also lighting systems and power supply devices. Aim is to become a system supplier to the world market. 
Hermetic seals division manufactures hermetic seals for quartz oscillator packages and develop products utilizing glass to metal sealing technology. 
In addition to Japan operation, in 2005, Koto Electric opened a manufacturing and sales facility in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China. This was in order to reduce manufacturing costs and increase the sales in Chinese market. Now expanding the market share by improving  price competitiveness. Sales of studio lighting along with fishing lighting have continued to increase in the Chinese market. Koto Electric Group offers a variety of high-performance lamps, LED lamps and hermetic seals which are trusted by customers worldwide. Recently expanded into a new line of business including plated devices which uses our unique plating technology.

Supplying high-performance lamps for film shooting, TV broadcasting, stage lighting, fishing, retail store lighting and industrial illumination. Stage and Studio - Various lighting equipments using own technology are widely used in TV and film shooting, photography, and stage sets. 
Marine - They produce a wide range of on-board and underwater lamps including self-developed slim lamps built to individual requirements. 
Commercial and Industrial -  They manufacture and distribute compact, high-efficiency, and long-life lamps as well as high-performance LED lamps.

Established in 1987, MQ Lightings Enterprises, Inc. started primarily in the lamp business. During its' 1st year, the company found the market’s need for a reputable company to supply professional equipment to the Film and Broadcast Industry. The founders acquired extensive experiences from working with prestigious pioneers in the business.

The company takes great pride in bringing in the latest equipment & technology from top manufacturers in Europe and the USA, thereby, continuously keeping the local film and production industries well-informed with the latest equipment, solution, and technology available globally. We strive hard to meet the high standards of lighting designers and consultants, filmmakers, cinematographers, DOP’s, broadcast engineers and other professionals in the industry.

The partnership brings the KOTO Lamp products available in the philippines.

Located at  MQ Group / MQ Lightings G/F Lydia Building, #39 Polaris Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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