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To give maximum flexibility to the operator, the Panther S-Type is equipped with 4 different steering modes: 
The wheels of the S-Type are arranged square. This has the advantage that the dolly can be moved both lengthwise and crosswise to the track – without using other wheels or accessories.


The BMPCC4K accessory package features our Unified BMPCC4K Camera Cage, a form-fitting camera cage for secure camera accessory attachment and our Unified DSLR 15mm Baseplate, a quick release baseplate that holds two 15mm Rod (12") at the correct lens height.

The Operator Control Unit OCU-1 enables operators to override and return focus, iris, and zoom controls from the Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4.

As part of its on-going efforts to help speed up configuration changes on set, ARRI is extending its range of Compact Bridge Plates for AMIRA and ALEXA Mini cameras. The Compact Bridge Plate CBP-2 for ALEXA Mini is readily adaptable for use with 15mm studio rods. The CBP-3 (19mm) and CBP-4 (15mm studio) are for use with AMIRAs. These new bridge plates are in addition to the CBP-1 (for ALEXA Mini with 19mm rods) which was released in October 2017.

Go for either the 1x1 ( ALL IN 1) or 2x1 (ALL IN 2) panel and give your footage the ultimate cinematographic flair. With the RGB panels in your bag, you are prepared for almost every situation you will ever face in your production career. If you prefer to stick with a solid bi-color panel the new series provides a 1x1 and 2x1 bi-color as well

The Source Four® LED Fresnel adapter uses all the power and beauty of the Source Four LED light engine to create an astounding soft
beam light suitable for any stage or studio. With ETC’s unique interface, you can quickly turn your fixture into a powerful, controllable Fresnel.

Sai-300 is Ushio Lighting’s Xebex brand, of LED short and medium-throw follow spotlight. Its portable size and ease of use makes it an ideal lighting instrument. In Japan, “Sai(彩)” means “beautifully colored”, “colorful”, and “shine beautifully”. The 230W LED in the Sai-300 produces a high quality and powerful daylight white beam (5800K).