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Leveraging MQ's long established presence and industry specialisation, the Company serves as the country's leading destination for Systems integration services specializing in Television Installations, ENG/OB Trucks, small-to-large scale Theaters, and Studios"

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With unsurpassed dynamic range and natural, accurate colour rendition, ARRI cameras have offered the best solution for HDR capture and display since the launch of ALEXA in 2010.

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    "In the contemporary era of global media where rapid change is inevitable, there has been growth in need for high-definition media. Aladdin has developed and provided high performance lighting system called AMS LED Lite, which leads to a significant effect in the market. Aladdin is prepare to respond in any needs from clients, with an ambition for qualified products that are seamlessly fitted for the likes of advertisements, photography, and films. Quality of our product is as critical as is inborn ability in light."



    Antari has been praising oneself as one of the leading manufacturers specializing in fog machine at all time by constantly pursuing the perfect fog since 1984. The very dedication to quality control and hard driving work ethic formed the foundation of Antari, a foundation which still stands strong. We position ourself as a world class industry leader, listens to the global market needs, and combines its many years of experience with its active research and development program to enable the steady introduction of innovative products.

    Continually developing new products to meet customers' expectations has been a long tradition at Antari, as well as the emphasis on developing products that meet important environmental concerns and energy saving criteria. Antari takes seriously of their corporate social responsibility and strive to incorporate innovations that "add green" as well as commercial value to every Antari product. Continuous innovation as well as taking green concepts into consideration are strong beliefs adhered to the entire Antari team.

    Fog Machines are for a wide variety of uses in the entertainment and effects markets. These include theater, film, TV, DJ, club and disco and concert applications. Antari product range is no longer limited to fog machines, although they remain the driving force.  Our products have been applied widely such as residential/commercial security, pest control, industrial humidity control, horticultural uses, hospital sterilization, and leak detection.

    Our R&D expertise and modern production facilities combined with strict attention to detail are to ensure Total Quality Control. To be accepted worldwide, our machines are designed and manufactured to conform to all international safety standards such as CE, LVD, EMC, and others . The in-house team of engineers and designers allow Antari to meet and exceed customer expectations with innovative, effective machines. This is a core value of ANTARI and continues to be the primary value today.


    Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI) is a global company within the motion picture media industry, employing around 1,300 staff worldwide. In 2017 ARRI is celebrating its centenary, having been founded in 1917 in Munich, Germany, where the headquarters is still located today. Other subsidiaries exist in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. 

    The ARRI Group consists of five business units: Camera Systems, Lighting, Media, Rental and Medical. ARRI is a leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems for the film and broadcast industry, with a worldwide distribution and service network. It is also an integrated media service provider in the fields of postproduction and equipment rental, supplying camera, lighting and grip packages to professional productions. ARRI Medical focuses on the use of core imaging technologies for surgical applications. 

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their contributions to the industry with 19 Scientific and Technical Awards.


    The two founders, Jeromy Young and Ian Overliese, have been manufacturing and selling video equipment for the Graphics, Events, Broadcast and Film industries for the past 11 and 15 years respectively.

    Several industry giants have benefited from their expertise. Their strengths lie in growing companies from small to medium and medium to ...large. Keeping sales/marketing and technology in harmony while building a company is no easy task but Jeromy and Ian have achieved this with proven results.

    Jeromy has been creating global sales and marketing channels for the past 6 years and before that honed his skills in product management. Jeromy has worked for Canopus Japan (now a part of GrassValley) and the Australian manufacturer Blackmagic Design before starting ATOMOS.

    Ian has always been at the forefront of high-tech industries and has worked with 3D graphics processors, game consoles, smart phones and video equipment. A visionary engineer with extraordinary digital design skills, Ian has been instrumental in the film and television industry’s adoption of digital workflows for the past 9 years, during which he has worked for Blackmagic Design, and now ATOMOS.

    Jeromy and Ian believe that by using the latest technology in ATOMOS products, they can improve the way video businesses operate by improving video production workflows.

    The first product from ATOMOS, the Ninja, combines 3 products into one: a high quality monitor for use at or near the camera, an HD and SD portable capture device that records directly to Apple ProRes, and a playback system, for checking recorded footage.

    Before the Ninja, it would take three separate devices to achieve this.

    Everyone at ATOMOS is proud to have worked with Apple to gain approval of the ATOMOS implementation in hardware of Apple’s professional editing codec called Apple ProRes.

    Featuring great engineering and an infinitely flexible touchscreen User Interface, the Ninja is a groundbreaking product that will be the first of many equally essential innovations from Atomos.

    Our reach now extends worldwide as we are now partnering with distribution partners in all corners of the globe.

    All products are designed in Melbourne, Australia and produced in China.

    We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

    The ATOMOS Team


    "We can make it better" -(Hans Werner Briese)

    Experts say about him, he would be the shining light of photography: we are talking about Hans Werner Briese, photographer, engineer and entrepreneur from Hamburg. From frustration over the "muddy" Studio light of his time the successful fashion photographer and graduated physics engineer started developing his own reflector. The trick: the light source is on a movable axis in the reflector. The focus reflector was born- a quantum leap for the photography. From now on, studio light was suddenly "crunchy" like sunlight, while individual adjustable.

    "HW" had this unique patented and perfected it in his own company. His invention soon became an insider´s tip. Until today, Briese lighting is famous for individual and high quality lighting in the area of film and photo productions. Many well-known photographer like Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Anton Corbijn, Greg Gorman or Peter Lindbergh  work with Briese.

    The "masters" latest coup: E-focus the remote controlled focusing unit which allows to control a total of eight reflectors from the camera position- for an ultimate precision and atmospheric lighting.


    "ZEISS is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.

    ZEISS has been contributing to technological progress for more than 160 years – with solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums.

    ZEISS is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. The more than 24,000 employees of ZEISS generated revenue of about 4.2 billion euros in fiscal year 2012/13. Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany.

    ZEISS has been contributing to technological progress for more than 160 years. The ZEISS Group develops and produces solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums.

    ZEISS is present in over 40 countries around the globe with more than 40 production facilities, around 50 sales and service locations and over 20 research and development sites. Carl Zeiss AG is fully owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation)."


    Since 1935, out of Rome, CARTONI SpA designs, manufactures and markets high-end Professional Camera Supports and accessories for the Motion Picture and Television industries.

    Internationally recognized in the industry as a pre-eminent brand for camera support equipment, CARTONI prides itself on its engineering ability, innovative and leading technology.

    Starting in the thirties with Renato CARTONI (a.i.c.) who invented the Gyro Head and later with his son, Guido, founder of the present structure in 1962, CARTONI has incessantly introduced highly engineered, patented Professional Camera Support systems that have become industry standards.

    In 1992 Guido CARTONI was presented a Scientific and Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (ampas) for his pioneering work in developing the Technology in fluid tripod heads. Later, in 1995 he was awarded the ATIC Technical Award from Associazione Tecnica Italiana Cine-televisione in Rome and in 1999, the SOC Technical Achievement from Society of Operating Cameramen in Los Angeles.

    Constant innovation has ensured the company’s success. CARTONI owns and uses 33 different patents on Fluid Action Counterbalance Systems and tripods, registered in Italy, Europe, United States, China and India.




    From its inception in 1980, Chimera Lighting has gained a reputation for innovation and excellence in the photography and film industries for its exceptional lighting products. But, like many innovative companies, Chimera evolved from humble beginnings.

    In 1980, advertising and album cover photographer Gary Regester and noted climber, photographer and engineer/designer Tom Frost joined forces to create Chimera’s the first of a long line of light modifiers. Regester, who often photographed musicians on location, was looking for an alternative solution to creating the beautiful light he wanted for his portraits—one that created broader and softer illumination than umbrellas and a set-up that was more practical and portable than bulky lightboxes constructed from foam core and gaffer’s tape. Regester, inspired by the design of high altitude tents, sketched out some rough ideas for a collapsible modifier, which generated overwhelming interest from his photographer friends.

    Frost provided the perfect balance of skills and experience, including his tenure as a designer for Chouinard Equipment (the predecessor to Patagonia, founded by Chouinard), to partner with Regester to bring the photographer’s idea to life. Set against the backdrop of Boulder, Colorado, known for its rugged beauty and outdoor adventures, Regester and Frost created the Illuminata Lightbank and Chimera was born, with Frost and his wife Dorene and Regester and his wife Joanie as the original founders.

    The business initially started in the Frosts’ garage, with Tom Frost cutting the fabric for the lighbanks and then outsourcing the sewing locally. Skilled home sewers were—and are—plentiful in Boulder, thanks to the backpack and tent industry in the area. In the early days, the lightbanks were mainly sold at tradeshows but the business grew and the Frosts purchased a building that remains in the Frost family and continues to be home base for Chimera.

    While initially designed for, and marketed to, still photographers, in the early 1980’s the late Dean Collins suggested that Chimera adapt its product lines for film and, later, video. Frost followed through by meeting with key players in the Hollywood film industry. This was a major step for the small company as cinematographers began to embrace Chimera lightbanks. Perhaps the tipping point was reached in 1990, when gaffer Mo Flam and DP Geoffrey Simpson used Chimera equipment when filming the breakout movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes.’” Since then, Chimera has played—and continues to maintain—a dominant role in the movie industry.  That’s no surprise given the products’ rugged build, ability to withstand the high heat output from cinema lights and to create the perfect illumination. When you’re working on a million dollar set, the last thing you want to face is an issue with equipment.


    Chrosziel GmbH has developed and produced professional camera equipment since 1973. Our products support the professional camera operators in the production and ensure reliable operation as well as robust technology. We are the market leader in the industry with many of our products.

    • Chrosziel is synonymous with quality, precision and reliability
    • In-house design and development department. Our customers’ wishes are integrated into our product development
    • Long service life of our products
    • Outstanding expertise and consulting regarding our products and the compatibility with your existing equipment
    • In-house lens service
    • Worldwide sales & service network
    • “Made in Germany – Made in Bavaria”

    The term ‘Made in Germany’ is respected and esteemed worldwide. Quality, precision and reliability are the attributes that are associated with Chrosziel products. It is a matter of course for us to develop and produce our products in Bavaria.


    For over 100 years, Cooke has been at the centre of the filmmaking business. We've been listening to the community of which we are a part. We lead by introducing new products such as /i Technology, and we remember our success is built on a simple idea - do what the filmmaker needs.

    Our factory in Leicester, England has generations from the same family working side by side. That experience is un-beaten anywhere. We manufacture a full range of primes and zooms for 35mm, digital and Super 16mm photography, plus a range of large format stills lenses.

    We know our customers, and they know us, as individuals. Our rental partners do their training next to the craftsman who built their lenses. There are no barriers. We meet our customers at our factory, at trade events, distributors and rental houses and of course on the set.

    We're intolerant when it comes to tolerances. We research continuously to drive innovation. Our lenses are dependable and practical in use on the set; our optics superb. The lenses are straightforward to maintain – which is why so many rental facilities carry our products. Our manufacturing and testers keep going until we get each lens within our very tight specification. We get it right, whatever it takes.

    At the heart of what makes Cooke special is the "Cooke Look". The Cooke Look® is about the science of creating beautiful images for the motion picture industry.

    As a result, for over a century, cinematographers have chosen Cooke lenses for a smooth roundness and dimensionality to the picture and for the velvety skin tones that flatter.


    Established in 1979, Cotech Filter is a Lighting Filter / Gel & LED Light control specialists based in UK.


    "The Dedolight and its unique system was conceived and designed by Director of Photography Dedo Weigert of Munich, Germany. The project was initially undertaken to fill his own exacting requirement for a powerful yet highly controllable light source which would occupy a minimum amount of space, draw a minimum amount of electricity and produce unprecedented light quality. The result of Dedo's efforts is a comprehensive lighting system offering unique advantages to lighting professionals in many disciplines:

    • Ultra compact size
    • Light output equal to much larger sources
    • Precision lighting with uncanny beam and stray light control
    • Extraordinarily even light distribution
    • Excellent reach
    • Precise color temperature control
    • Variety of projection attachments and accessories
    • Versatile mounting accessories
    • Variety of power options
    • Very low projected heat
    • Rugged construction.

    So immediate and profound was the impact of this new system on cinematography, that in less than 3 years, the Dedolight went from an idea in the mind of one creative director of photography in Germany, to a Technical Achievement Award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the U.S. In just a few years, the Dedolight had established itself as a significant creative contributor to a long list of motion pictures by top Hollywood professionals.

    Today, the Dedolight continues to build upon its long list of credits in film, television and still photography and continues to build upon its extensive range of luminaires and system accessories. The unique control capabilities of Dedolight, along with its low projected heat and minimal current draw, also make the Dedolight the ideal choice to light the world's finest galleries, museums, and architectural sites."



    "ETC’s lighting products are respected worldwide. Over two million Source Four luminaires are now shining brightly in venues across the globe. ETC lighting control consoles like the award-winning Eos, Ion, Congo, Transtechnik NTX, and SmartFade ML are leading the way in innovation and power. ETC also offers the most sophisticated dimming systems available – IES Matrix (both standard and SineWave), Sensor+, as well as Unison architectural controls. And for the most advanced studio-automation solution, ETC offers the powerful Voyager II.


    At ETC, it is not good enough to have the best lighting products. We have the best people too – recognized experts in our field, bringing seasoned expertise to you. We work to build a relationship with you, both locally, from our German office in Holzkirchen, or internationally, through our global team from office to office. The 600 people of ETC, plus our extended community of ETC-trained experts worldwide make the difference in the way our company brings you the best lighting solutions available.


    The best minds make the best products.


    ETC has the most extensive in-house Research and Development department in our industry, with over 65 individuals internationally and locally, engineering and designing innovative hardware and software solutions for the entertainment and architectural lighting industry. ETC owns numerous patents and trademarks for a host of innovative products, and continues to lead the way in technologies like advanced networking and electrical code standards.

    ETC in Holzkirchen is the contact point and center for customer and technical service in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as Eastern Europe and Russia. Our clients can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our hotline and be sure to receive a timely response. And ETC’s regional offices and over 200 authorized service centers around the world are ready to do whatever it takes to solve your problems. We don’t just sell great lighting; we provide the follow-up and long-term relationship that good technology deserves.


    Holzkirchen is the European center for ETC’s project management. These experienced individuals support your unique installation’s needs, create submittals, assist specifiers, process changes to orders, facilitate shipping and coordinate technical service involvement. They listen to you and provide solutions for your lighting success. From project start to finish, our Holzkirchen team – like all ETC regional and international project management teams – will partner with you to customize your ETC system to your specific needs.


    In addition to manufacturing at ETC’s international headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA, ETC has production capability in Germany and Holland. Diverse precision-engineered lighting control consoles as well as dimming and studio-automation equipment are manufactured here. These localised facilities assure you the highest attention to quality, while making it possible for us to ship your orders quickly and accurately as well. To meet increasing demand for our full range of products, ETC is now."


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    The Fxlion management team has decades of experience in research, technical development and manufacturing.

    Fxlion Battery” was established in 1997. It is the first Chinese brand making lithium ion batteries for the broadcasting industry. The Research and Development team guarantees Fxlion Battery’s high quality and best service together with a selected team of sale managers.

    Fxlion Battery” choose the road of independent research, development, production and sales of high-quality lithium ion batteries. The Chinese brand is very well known and has a excellent reputation on the domestic broadcasting industry.“Fxlion Battery”brand has a growing market in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. The ambitious company has dozens of products with a range of broadcasting lithium ion batteries, chargers, LED lighting equipment, high power lithium battery packs and customized products for video equipment. Fxlion products are ISO9001:2008 and CE certified.

    Since the establishment of LED lights in film and photography, Fxlion provided the best solutions for the most popular LED light brands in the industry.


    Glidecam Industries, the manufacturer of camera stabilization systems and accessories, for use by both film and video makers, was founded by Martin Stevens in 1992. The actual origin of the first Glidecam device dates back to the Spring of 1991. Martin designed it when he was producing and directing his first feature length motion picture. Martin had become displeased with the current state of the art of camera stabilization systems and particularly the very high prices of these systems. He reasoned that if he could build a more affordable and capable camera stabilizer for his own production needs, using what he now refers to as "a common sense approach", then perhaps others would find need of the same. And so the "Glidecam" was born in 1991.

    It was in 1993 that Martin Stevens, seeking a professional business partner, sought to join forces with his brother David Stevens. David's many years of experience and success working in both the financial and sales world made him the ideal partner. It was David's business model and its practical application that lead Glidecam Industries to become so successful that it became incorporated in 1997, with Martin as President and David as Vice President, and now with David as CEO.

    Glidecam Industries, Inc. now has over 20 products and hundreds of dealers worldwide. Glidecam separates itself from its competition by offering a product line that is both technologically advanced and yet priced very affordably. Glidecam's customer service policy of thoroughly helping its customers both before and after a sale has won them a very happy customer and customer referral base.

    Glidecam Industries, Inc. has billed itself as "The Name and Future of Camera Stabilization", and it is in this light that they introduced the worlds first body mounted, camera stabilization system for cameras weighing up to 10 pounds. This was the Glidecam V-8 introduced in 1997, with its exclusive and unique "Orbit Hinge" technology and compact "Dyna-Elastic Arm" design. It is also in this light that Glidecam introduced its "Gold Series" in 1999. The Glidecam Gold Series offers the very high end customer a top of the line body mounted stabilizer for cameras weighing from 13 to 38 pounds. The Gold Series again combines Glidecam's high technology with common sense ideology approach, creating a product that is sophisticated, highly aesthetic and far more affordable than the competition's high end equipment.

    Glidecam has become the world leader in its field because it combines the best practices with the best thinking, and in the end it is this combination that the customer wants.

    Glidecam Industries Inc. offers a wide variety of camera stabilizers (camera stabilization systems) for use with motion picture cameras, video cameras, and video camcorders. These hand-held and body-mounted camera stabilizers create super smooth shots, and allow the operator to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. Glidecam camera stabilization products make ideal camera accessories and can easily replace or be used in conjunction with dollies and tracks, booms, camera cranes, and tripods, or monopods. Both professional filmmakers and amateur movie makers alike can enjoy the fluidity and grace that Glidecam camera stabilizers provide.


    "IFF offers a comprehensive range of lighting suspensions for a variety of applications from television and film production studios to auditoriums, from conference and presentation halls to schools and churches, taking in a other architectural uses along the way.

    Our products include all kinds of suspensions, from simple telescopic posts to Pantographs, Hoists, Combi hoists and Line shaft hoists.

    A complete range of brackets and supports for ceiling and wall fixture provides solutions for all applications, while three different types of aluminium rail meet the most diverse needs in terms of flexibility.

    Our products are designed in accordance with the strictest safety regulations and are the result of long experience gained in the field.

    The success of IFF brand is due not only to the high quality and reliability of our products, but also to our qualified and always available technical support during the entire process of outfitting studios and halls. Our products are already present in countless TV studios, theatres and auditoriums all over the world.

    We able to assist our partners and clients in all aspects of design, budgeting, installation, operation and maintenance, at any stage from preliminary on-site consultation to studio suspension layout."


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    "Renowned as one of the world’s leading theatrical curtain manufacturers, J&C Joel has developed over 30 years and now provides a huge range of products for all aspects of the entertainment and live event industries. From consumables such as gaffer tape and paint to electric pilewind winches and orchestra lifts, from school halls Tp major auditoriums and performance venues, we aim to consistently deliver every project with the same courtesy, Consideration and attention to detail. With such a broad range of products and services, it is the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the J&C Joel team that has helped us build our business and our reputation. They are, indeed, our most valuable asset. Unrivalled in their skills base, our manufacturing team are able to provide the most complex of backdrops, shapes and concept curtains. We maintain a constant stock of 1,000,000 metres of fabric, giving you a choice of hundreds of fabrics in over 700 shades and tones. Notable additions to this catalogue include our Reefer String Curtain (page 64 - 65), which was launched to rave reviews at the 2012 Prolight and Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt; our versatile range of IFR Velvet Velours (pages 82 - 83); and there have been many additions to our Designer fabric range (pages 22 - 28). If the specific fabric you require does not appear in this catalogue, then please ask. If we cannot source it, the chances are nobody can. Our world-class Contracts Department has grown to undertake projects worldwide. From our ever growing design, project management, installation and commissioning, our experience grows, to provide products and services encompassing projects as diverse as tracks for studios, complete acoustic solutions for performance venues, powered flying systems and the restoration of iconic theatrical landmarks.

    From our HQ in Halifax, England, we service the entertainment industry around the globe. From our 75,000 sq ft facility, we export our products and our expertise to over 75 countries. To continue our commitment to customer service, J&C Joel has expanded with the opening of offices to better serve Africa, the Middle East and Far East regions. Our ambition is simple: to make the experience of buying from J&C Joel as easy as possible and to welcome you back time and time again."

    J&C JOEL


    K5600, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of lighting for television, motion picture and photography specializing in compact, lightweight and versatile HMI fixtures. The company, founded in 1992, is most well known for its Joker and Alpha lines.


    In 1987 while working as a Gaffer, Frieder Hochheim together with his Best Boy, Gary Swink, was asked by a DP to get creative in a small set space. Working off the back of a truck, they put together fluorescent lamps in a hollowed-out foam block and stuck it to the ceiling. This was the humble beginnings of Kino Flo. Through experience on sets and tremendous support from cinematographers, they improved their design. 

    The first film that really showed how Kino Flos were a problem solver was Barfly. While shooting Barfly, the notion of creating a company called Kino Flo was born. (“Kino” means film in German and “Flo” is short for fluorescent.) Kino Flos were soon welcomed by cinematographers and are now considered a staple of a standard motion picture lighting package.

    For 30 years, Kino Flo Lighting Systems has been a manufacturer of high quality LED and FLO soft lighting equipment for use in motion picture lighting, television, video and photography. They are well known for their innovative color-correct True Match® lamps and compact fixtures with high frequency, flicker-free ballasts. In 1995 Kino Flo received a technical achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the development of color-correct lamps for film.

    Located in Burbank, CA, Kino Flo has expanded its operations and designs and manufactures a wide range of LED and FLO soft lighting systems. Worldwide distribution provides support for local studios or productions shooting on location.

    Kino Flo continues to be a leader in the industry introducing new developments and constantly improving the efficiencies and formulations of its products including latest LED technology with dimming, dial-in color temperature control, Gel presets and dial-in 360° colors with soft, cool, high color rendering features (CRI 95), the same high quality of light Kino Flos are known for. 

    It has always been Kino Flo’s mission to work with lighting professionals who meet daily production challenges on location or in the studio, to design and improve our line of soft lights. We have been blessed to have a group of dedicated designers, engineers, fabricators, managers and sales people all contributing to producing the quality products the world has come to know as Kino Flos.

    We would like to thank all of our colleagues and customers who have supported Kino Flo through the years and we look forward to serving you for the next 30 years. Enjoy the light.


    Frieder Hochheim
    President and Founder
    Kino Flo Lighting Systems


    Le Maitre has been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and smoke and haze machines since 1977.

    All research, development and manufacturing take place at two UK locations. Smoke, Haze, Flame and other Special Effects Machines are developed and produced in Mitcham, Surrey. Pyrotechnics are designed and manufactured in Peterborough, and it is here that the world famous range of Pyroflash cartridges and the ProStage II range of professional stage pyrotechnics are made. 

    The Le Maitre Ltd head office in Mitcham is where all sales and after-sales service are coordinated for our European, African, Middle Eastern and Asian customers. Le Maitre Ltd also operates a European events division - Le Maitre Events, offering a full pyrotechnic service with specialists to deal with every aspect of designing and firing  indoor and outdoor events.

    Las Vegas, Nevada is the base for Le Maitre USA LLC and from here we service the American markets with extensive warehousing and a dedicated sales and technical team to ensure complete support from product advice through to after sales service.  We have also recently set up a new pyrotechnics factory in Missouri, USA and have begun to manufacture pyrotechnics here too.

    Le Maitre, ProStage II and Pyroflash names are registered Trade Marks of Le Maitre Limited.


    "Lee Filters is a manufacturer of colour filters and colour gels for the entertainment lighting, film and photography industries. Their colour gels for stage lighting are the industry standard in Europe while competing with other brands such as Rosco.[disambiguation needed.

    The company was founded in 1967 as part of the group that became Lee International. Lee Filters is now owned by Panavision. In 1980, the company was awarded the Bert Easey Technical Award of the British Society of Cinematographers for "the development of motion picture filters and control mediums"."


  • "Macostar, established in 1989, is one of the leading systems integrator, specialist contractor, supplier and manufacturer providing solutions for TV & radio broadcasters, professional audio-visual facilities, stage machinery, lighting & control, and entertainment technology in Asia with now over 180 employees altogether in Hong Kong & China. We have 3 offices: our headquarters is based in Hong Kong encompassing regional sales & marketing, engineering services, and research & development; our manufacturing location as well as sales and servicing centre in China is established in Wuhan; and there is also a branch office in Beijing.

    On the audio-visual and broadcasting side, Macostar carries products range from system automation, video server, robotic cameras, intercom, switchers & routers, DA/VDA & converters, master clock, microwave link, Up/Down Links, SNG, OB Vans, as well as cabling & connectors. Together with a unique combination of system design, product supply, installation, project management and maintenance services supported by our highly experienced team of specialist and professional engineers, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients’ requirements & demand.

    In the professional lighting field, Macostar represents a number of leading manufacturers and is a major supplier and specialist contractor in providing design, supply, and installation and maintenance services for the film, TV, theatre and entertainment industries in Asia.

    The extensive range of products includes lighting, dimming and control equipment, stage machinery and drapery systems, filters, club lighting and effects, trussing, automated lighting and software, screen and projection systems, suspensions equipment, studio flooring, portable stages and seating, lamps and lighting accessories and a range of architectural lighting controls.

    Macostar has also established a factory (with ISO9001 and ISO14001) in China to manufacture our self-developed products by in-house R & D team. Major product lines including colour scrollers, dimming and control systems, lighting network solutions, DMX peripherals; and an environmental lighting control system for architectural use. In addition to prize and merits gained in China, our products also earned design awards from the Hong Kong Awards for Industries."



    "Based in Northern Italy at Bassano del Grappa, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.Manfrotto products are sold by its own distribution companies, Manfrotto Distribution, in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus independent distributors in over 65 countries around the world! The unrivalled strength of the international distribution network and the team efforts between the company and the distributors is a key element in the success of the lines. The group owned distribution companies provide direct access to the market, trends and requirements which is essential in keeping the company at the forefront of development and innovation.

    It has become a tradition of Manfrotto to continually invest in the latest technology together with constant assessment of the product range, production needs and consumer trends. This policy maintains the highest standard of quality at all stages and set the standards others follow.

    Manfrotto Products are manufactured by the Manfrotto Supports and Manfrotto Bags units and are distributed in the United States by Manfrotto Distribution Inc."



    "Technology that complements your Imagination: For over 40 years, Matthews has set the standard for superior grip, camera and lighting support. 

    For over 40 years, Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc has set the standard for superior lighting and camera support for the professional production industries. Matthews’ products can be found on any set wherever television or motion pictures are shot—from Singapore and Canada to all the way back home in Hollywood, California. With the highest quality Camera Sliders, C-Stands, Jibs and Doorway Dollies, we are always ready to fulfill the need for steady, set-it-and-forget-it Technology that Complements your Imagination. 

    Our main goal is to continue designing and building the very best Grip Gear, Lighting Accessories and Camera Support Equipment for the Theatrical, Television, Motion Picture and Imaging Industries. For updates on new products, info on technical support and to view our entire catalogue, visit 

    For everything a grip and lighting professional needs, contact us for more information on: Camera Sliders, Mombo Combo stands, Baby Stands, C stands, Jibs, Doorway Dolly, Apple Boxes, Booms & Arms, Wire Diffusions, Chromakey Green Screens, Digital Blue/Green Screens, Clamps, Hardware, Overheads, Butterflys and much more."



    "PETER MOLE, founder of Mole-Richardson Co., was born in Sicily in 1891. At the age of six his family moved to New York where he attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parochial School until the 6th grade. His education did not continue until age 20. After he moved to Buffalo, New York, Peter enrolled at Bryan & Stratton, a 2 year Business & Engineering College where he received his degree. At Union College in Schenectady, NY, Peter Mole earned his Electrical Engineering Degree. From 1917 to 1923 he worked for General Electric Company and in 1923 moved to Los Angeles with his family. His first job was at Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studio in the electrical department. Peter Mole then went to work at a rental house in Hollywood. While working for the lighting rental house in Los Angeles, Peter Mole saw that the lighting equipment and techniques early filmmakers were using were not fulfilling their potential. With the advent of Panchromatic Black & White filmstock, he saw the possibility of using the new Incandescent Lighting to replace the less efficient Carbon Arc light as a way to light movie scenes.

    Joining forces with Elmer C. Richardson, a shop superintendent and teacher, and Fielding C. Coates, a chief studio electrician, Peter Mole formed Mole-Richardson to pursue this new lighting. The first Mole-Richardson lights were built in a small machine shop at the rear of a garage on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California. It was just eight short years later that the company won an Academy Award for its creation of the first Fresnel Spotlight. This would be the first of four Academy Award Certificates.

    In 1927, Peter published an article in the Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers (SMPE) on the cost savings of the new Incandescent Illumination. In 1928, Mole-Richardson was asked by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the American Society of Cinematographers to participate in their first Technical Report on Incandescent Illumination. The report published a picture of the new line of Incandescent lights from Mole-Richardson. Peter Mole, Elmer C. Richardson and other Mole-Richardson members published many technical articles on lighting and lighting equipment in the SMPE Journals. These track most of the significant developments in an industry that has constantly changed in response to new technical developments and world events. Peter Mole became President of the SMPTE from 1951 to 1952 and stirred some controversy by embracing Television as a viable compliment to Motion Picture entertainment instead of its rival."



     For those in Pursuit of Perfection.

    People who use our products pursue perfection in their work.
    They are meticulous about every detail because they are passionate about what they do.
    For the sake of their dreams, they will overcome all challenges.

    Norms is always in the pursuit of perfection.
    Our craft is making film and photography equipment.
    We manufacture grip equipment for the largest studios in Hollywood such as
    Paramount, Universal, Manhattan Beach Studio, Cinelease, and many more.

    The largest studios work with us because
    We understand their need to pursue perfection.
    Norms is constantly innovating and improving
    to help them realize their vision.

    Our craft is meant to help all those in pursuit of perfection.
    This pursuit may seem futile to many, but it is our driving force.
    The pursuit of perfection means we are always striving to refine our techniques.
    We are always trying to reach further.
    We are the spirit of progress.
    We are Norms.


    "The Panther GmbH is a film technical company situated in Oberhaching, Munich which developes and produces professional camera cranes and dollies. For the first ever electro – mechanical Camera dolly to be built,the "Super Panther", Mr. Erich Fitz, the founder of the company, received the Oscar "Scientific & Engineering Award".[1] in the year 1990.

    • 1990 - Oscar: "Scientific and Engineering Award" (A.M.P.A.S.) - for the wordwide first electro-mechanic camera dolly the 2Super Panther"[1]
    • 1998 - Cinec Award - for the "Evolution Dolly" [6]
    • 1998 - Golden Frog - "for substantial technical contribution" [7]
    • 2002 - Cinec Award - for the "Galaxy Crane" [8]
    • 2006 - Cinec Award - for the "Foxy Advanced Crane" [9]"



    "A "technical creative soul" has kept Vari-Lite at the forefront of the automated lighting industry since 1981. The company is founded on the belief that creative engineering can join with creative lighting to bring a new dimension to any performance or presentation.

    That notion first took root when Rusty Brutsché and Jack Maxson founded Showco in 1970. Innovation made Showco the premier sound and lighting equipment rental firm for the concert touring industry. A decade following Showco's initial success, company officials found themselves working on another technical leap, this time within the field of automated lighting.

    Until the 1980s, stage lighting systems for concerts and theater productions were bulky with numerous fixtures (a typical rock concert usually required up to 3,000 separate lights). Each light had to be manually focused and colored using celluloid gel material placed in front of each lighting fixture. To achieve color changes, the lighting fixtures had to be turned on and off or dimmed using electronic dimmers controlled by a computer lighting console.

    Throughout the late '70s, engineers worked to develop a color changer for a lighting fixture. Finally, they arrived at a solution: forget the "add-on" schemes, and concentrate on using internal dichroic coated glass filters and metal halide bulbs. The dichroic filters could be used to change colors almost instantaneously and create saturated colors not capable from the gel filters.

    That might have been the extent of their advancement if for a barbecue lunch in the fall of 1980. At that gathering, the idea of adding two extra motors to the fixture to actually make the light move was conceived. This "eureka" moment facilitated an all-out building effort for a fully automated lighting system that resulted in a prototype in December 1980.

    Shortly thereafter, the engineering team flew to London to show the prototype automated light (named "VL Zero") to longtime Showco client, Genesis. The British band had long been at the forefront of cutting-edge performance art technology, and was in rehearsal for an upcoming tour. At an English countryside studio, the new luminaire made its debut on the side of a 500-year-old barn. The prototype light had been programmed to enact two simple cues. The first reaction from the presentation came from band member Mike Rutherford: "I expected the color change, but by jove, I didn't know it was going to move."

    It was enough to convince Genesis to immediately invest in developing this new technology. Genesis wowed the audience with the first VARI*LITE® Series 100™ system consisting of 50 VL1 luminaires and a computerized control console on the opening night of their "Abacab" tour on September 25, 1981 in a bullring in Barcelona, Spain. 

    That rural demonstration was the "Genesis" of a new company - Vari-Lite, coined from a suggestion by Genesis manager Tony Smith. The new system was developed, complete with a programmable console that enabled lighting designers to create lighting effects that electrified the lighting industry and began a revolution that continues to this day. The dichroic color changing system allowed for up to 60 preselected colors to be changed in less than a tenth of a second and the computer control of the color change, dimming and movement of the light beams created stunning visual effects. The original VARI*LITE system was patented in 1983, and Vari-Lite has received numerous other U.S. and international patents on automated lighting technology as it has continued to innovate and develop the technology. 

    Inspired by the magic of moving light and changing color, Vari-Lite set about creating complete lighting systems that add subtle nuance or brilliant spectacle to any event. The company offers designers the ultimate tool for creating lighting moments to remember. 

    Since the beginning, Vari-Lite has led the world in automated lighting technology; developing pioneering products with an unrivaled reputation. Today, lighting professionals in theatre, television, concerts, motion pictures, corporate shows and advertising, look to Vari-Lite for inspiration and support for their productions."



    "For a quarter century Photoflex® has produced lighting products that are driven by Innovation, Quality, Versatility and Durability. We’re proud to present our products to the digital, film and video industries worldwide.

    We base our products around three simple, but crucial rules.Quality. Produce the finest, most versatile product at a fair price and back it up with the best warranty possible. We take personal pride in putting the Photoflex® name on a product that you pay money for. That pride is reflected and backed up by giving you a warranty that is at least two to five times longer than almost all other manufacturers in the industry. We will not sacrifice the credibility of our products simply to cut prices. Quality has its rewards.

    No Gimmicks. We won’t build something that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We have two photo/video studios where we test the prototypes and shoot all of our product photos, instruction sheets, and product demonstration lessons for PhotoflexLightingSchool™. If the products don’t pass the test there, they don’t go to market. Other "manufacturers” shop the trade shows and buy products off the shelf from factories that they then put their labels on. Not Photoflex®. We design and build our products from scratch. We produce our own fabric, build our own molds, and create our own designs into prototypes to be tested in our own studios, sometimes taking over a year to get the finished product. This is why products such as the LiteDome®, LiteDisc®, and LitePanel have been in production for over 25 years virtually unchanged. They were designed correctly the first time, and all have five or six year warranties because of it.

    Customer Service. We don’t make the customer pay for our mistakes. We know that you, the customer, signs our paycheck. Therefore, our goal is to provide the finest customer service in the business. We have always had real people answer the phone to help you with your issues and questions and we will continue to pursue our goal of being there for you in the future.

    Professional Photographer | One Hot Award 2012
    Photokina | 2010
    American Photo | Editors Choice 2008
    Professional Photographer | Hot One Award 2003
    Professional Photographer | Hot One Award 2001
    Professional Photographer | Hot One Award 1999"



    Scott Losmandy, owner of Hollywood General Machining, introduced the firstPorta-Jib to the professional film and video community in 1989. It was an immediate success because of its modular design, its superb craftsmanship, its ability to accommodate heavy cameras, its ease of assembly, and its portability. This was fine for the Hollywood market because by its standards (remember that in 1989 camera systems were quite heavy) our Standard Jib was remarkably portable. However, the video and 16mm film market wanted even greater portability. They loved the jib, but it was too heavy for their light weight tripod systems, and they did not want to purchase a 35mm style tripod system just to support a jib. This gave rise to the Traveller Jib.
    The Traveller is so small that when it is in its storage position, it is only 31 inches long. Yet it unfolds and telescopes out to become a full size front-operated jib. And at 29 lbs., it is light enough to be supported by a 100mm style tripod, which is standard in 16mm and video production.
    The Vector Balancing System was then introduced for all of our Jibs. This clever idea allows us to remove the inertia inherent in all jib arms. The Vector System helps one immensely in coming to a stop without the bounce normally associated with lightweight jibs.
    Our next big break-through product was the Spider Dolly and FlexTrak system. FlexTrak comes in 40 foot lengths, is made of a rubber tubing reinforced with a steel lining which allows one to shape a dolly move from straight to curved almost instantaneously. Our goal was to not only provide a new tool for designing interesting moves, but to also allow one to have a complete dolly system with 40 feet of track that would fit into a standard vehicle. The dolly itself is a modular system that can be either a 3-leg version for use with a tripod, a 4-leg version that carries an operator and has an adjustable column and a seat that rotates 360 degrees around the column, or it can be miniaturized into a trolley system for table top work.
    Following this idea, we created the Porta-Glide sleds with the multi-dimensional wheel system. A problem with dolly sleds in the past was that the heavy weight load of a dolly, two operators, and a camera system caused the skate-board style wheels to immediately develop flat spots when at rest. Our system solves the flat spot problem. We use 16 different diameters for the 16 wheels that are on each sled. This has been extremely well-received by the camera operators and dolly grips who have had the opportunity to work with this new concept. Our sleds also have floating arms with bearings that accommodate curved track much better than most competing sleds.



    The people at Porta-Brace have been making high-quality professional camera cases and covers, right here in Vermont, USA for over forty years.  Our pride in the traditions of craftsmanship and independence are represented in the high-quality, hand-crafted and innovative products that we make.  There’s an artistic side of the Vermont craftsman, which is likely inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings.  But all good Vermont craftspeople know that crafting quality products also requires hard work, commitment, and pride: all characteristics that share a common Vermont heritage of converting local raw materials into long-lasting products.

    Along with our commitment to quality materials and production processes, our industry-leading design team continues to introduce more customized, innovative camera cases andd covers than any otherEvery workday (since 1972) the team at Porta-Brace brings together their artistry and hard-working nature and combines them with unmatched video and audio industry experience to create the quality, innovative products that are used by professionals around the world more than any other brand.

    We are privileged and proud to call Vermont our home and our workshop.  If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, please stop by and see us.  We’d love to show you around!

    Living and working in harmony with nature is an important part of life in Vermont, and being eco-friendly to our community is as important to us as making quality products. 

    Here are some of the things we do every day at Porta-Brace to reduce waste and help preserve nature’s bounty:

    -We never use exterior packaging.  Our cases are built to last so we don’t worry about them getting damaged and we don’t waste any extra plastic or cardboard.

    -We use precision auto-cutting machines to reduce discarded materials to an absolute minimum.

    -All foam and padding scraps are donated and used to fill Heart-2-Heart stuffed bears in Vermont.

    -Our production team has access to pattern instructions via wireless tablet computers so there’s no need to print instructions, cut-schedules, or parts-lists.

  • People often ask, “When was the Steadicam first used?”, read on… In the early 1970s, American cinematographer Garrett Brown had a simple, but revolutionary idea: to make a device that could smooth out handheld action shots. The result is the Academy Award-winning Steadicam®, which made its feature film debut on the movie “Bound for Glory,” and rose to prominence in the films “Rocky” and “The Shining.”

    Over the past 3 decades, Steadicam has been an invaluable, dynamic production tool in the industry.  New generations of Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems have been comprehensively redesigned to unleash endless creative possibilities. Tiffen offers you a complete line of state-of-the-art models to meet your film and video needs.  Tiffen is committed to support the needs of the motion picture, broadcast and professional imaging industries with the latest state-of-the-art steadicam technology to meet your film and video needs.


    Tiffen is a leading manufacturer of imaging accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries, including: Tiffen optical photographic filters and lens accessories; Steadicam camera stabilizing systems; Lowel location lighting equipment; Domke camera bags and Zing camera covers; Dfx digital effects software; Listec teleprompters; Davis & Sanford tripods and support systems; and Stroboframe flash brackets.


    Kupo Grip was established in 2000 at the dawn of the new millennium. We are now celebrating over a decade as a leader in professional lighting and grip equipment for the photo, video and cine image-maker.

    The success of Kupo Grip is a result of the commitment to those who work behind the scenes in motion pictures, television and photography. We consider you, the image-maker, a partner, integral to our innovative process. We greatly value your experience and listen carefully to both your needs and desires, which inspires us to create better tools to help you do your job with greater ease and efficiency.

    Kupo has forged its own path in the world of grip by crafting innovative tools with unparalleled quality, sought after and shaped by industry professionals worldwide. To meet these same professionals’ needs, we offer unique products such as our game changing Master C-Stand with Turtle Base, which features a quick-release, spring-loaded locking collar that enables a user of any skill level to open and collapse the legs of the base in under a second.

    Our Grip Arm Support is an innovative, elegant solution to supporting heavy loads on the end of a grip arm. It saves you both time and money by allowing you to achieve the same results with less grip equipment.

    Our revolutionary 3-Way and 4-Way Clamp system allows you to mount multiple light fixtures or grip accessories simultaneously, in mere seconds, using one of several modular interchangeable accessories.

    All Kupo products have been painstakingly machined so you know you can count on their incredible strength and durability in harsh production environments. They are so durable, in fact, that they create a history of their own through their many years of service. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your gear is safe, all backed up by an unprecedented five year warranty.

    When it comes to your vision and your grip equipment, we like to say at Kupo Grip:

    Never Let Go!


    Underwater housings, "Made in Germany" since 1969.

    Founded in 1947 we have a long history of manufacturing camera accessories and have been making flexible underwater housings since 1969. UW-Housings to fit nearly every film-, video- and stills photo camera on the market.
    All ewa-marine underwater housings are made in our factory in Germany and all models feature a hardened, optical glass front port.
    It's the ideal solution if you want to retain you standards on professional, high quality pictures as you take your analog or digital camera diving, snorkeling, sailing, canoeing or out into real extreme, foul weather. And, of course, ewa-marine are extremely safe, affordable and good value for money as well.